Freelance Activities

Studio render

Product Rendering

Realistic renderings and animations of existing models.


Exploded Views

Visualizing the relation between different parts.

Schematic interactions

Schematic Interactions

Showing the workings and interactions clearly.

Lighting and Materials

Lighting and Materials

Custom materials and stylish lighting setup.

Interior rendering

Interior Modelling and Rendering

In case you just can't wait to see it finished in real life.

Final Touches


Realism 2.0.

Lighting and Materials

Parametric Prototyping

3D Printing, CNC Milling and 2D Plotting.

Interior rendering


Converting reality to virtuality.

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Digital prototyping - Example ↑

Web development basics for making usable digital prototypes.

Added value

Lighting and Materials
1 - Custom materials

Even though I've already made a library of all kinds of materials, you'll find I have no problem whatsoever in making the exact material you need.

Lighting and Materials
2 - Automated setup through scripting

Pre-made templates and scripts make sure the proces flows. Normally the setup takes most of the time, so winning time here means less effort for more value. Which is great for both of us.

Lighting and Materials
3 - Non-parametric modelling

I use it primarily to add that final level of detail which is difficult to achieve with traditional parametric modelling software.


Currently following a masters degree in product development. Rendering has always been an interest yet worth a challenge. It has teached me about the interesting properties of light and materials, non-parametric modelling, node-based editing techniques, python scripting and many things more. You will experience many years of experience with rendering and modelling in Blender. An open source program that is rivalling the quality of the most popular 3D software.

As a student in product development I know and can do a bit of everything. So while I'm stronger at rendering, I'd be more than happy to help you other product development related activities.

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